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July 2013 Update

Hi Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,
Thankfully political things have calmed down somewhat. Now it’s time for summer fun!

1) Family Wednesdays in July in Douglas R. Fluhrer Park, this year from 3-5 pm. Take the afternoon off early.
Free juice and snacks. All welcome – including adults!
July 3: Queen`s Barefoot Players perform their rollicking family-friendly version of Twelfth Night.
July 10: Eco-Art: “Eyes on the Street” (in honour of Jane Jacobs) Creating rock creatures with googly eyes to decorate Doug Fluhrer Park.
July 17: Eco-Art: “Shayne Lite” (inspired by Kingston’s wonderful artist – Shayne Dark.)
July 24: Queen’s Barefoot Players again
July 31: Stories in the Park presented by the Public Library.

2) Doggie Meet and Greets: Wed. 17 and Wed. 31 between 5 and 7 pm: A chance for dogs and their walkers to say hello.
Free doggie treats provided by Urban Paws.
Lucky Draw with proceeds going to the Kingston Humane Society.
Free juice and goodies for dog owners, family and friends.

Do check out the calendar on the website www.friendsofinnerharbour for ongoing updates and further information.

3) Yoga for Rowers at the Kingston Rowing Club starting July 9: Tues.+ Thurs: 5:15 (40 mins); Sat. 8:30 (75 mins)
Rain or shine. Bring mat, towel and water bottle. Free (donations appreciated)

4) Rock and Row Camp

At Kingston Rowing Club and the Boiler Room

During the camp, children (aged 10- 14 years) will have the opportunity to try two exciting sports; rock climbing and rowing!
In the morning, children will spend their time learning about water safety, the basic rowing stroke and improve upon their learned skills over the week. They will be in large crew boats, learning together with experienced rowing coaches beside them in safety boats. Over the week, they will build upon the skills they learn, giving them a great introduction to the sport and foster a fun, competitive spirit.
In the afternoon, the campers will move to the Boiler Room Climbing Gym, where in the safe controlled environment of the gym, they will learn and practice rock climbing. Starting with the basics of balance and feet, participants will continue to learn various techniques throughout the week, building their confidence and skills, while having fun and cheering each other on.

July 22 – 26 2013 or August 12-16 2013 —Only 16 spots available in each camp so register soon!
Only $250 per week plus HST. Early and Late drop off available at an additional charge.

For more information and to register visit:
For further information regarding rowing and sailing opportunities contact

News Updates

4) Projected Inner Harbour development update:
Trail: The first section of trail set for completion this year has been stalled due to unforeseen ownership problems. More info anon.
Tannery Property: City considering sending out a Request for Proposals
Rosen Propery: For sale. A couple of offers submitted
North Block: Request for Proposals being sent out for the block immediately south of the KROCK Centre
Belle Park Fairways: Local advocacy group, the Friends of Belle Park, hard at work developing a business plan to stay afloat.
Wellington St. Extension: No further news
Visioning Exercise for Douglas R. Fluhrer Park in process. Next public meeting in August. Date to be determined. If you have comments about the future of Doug Fluhrer Park that you would like to submit send them to Kris Hebert of the City’s Parks Dept.:
No further word on the status of the proposed Homestead Development at the Rideau Marina on the east side of the river.
Discussion ongoing between Frontenac Arch Biosphere and Kingston Marina re logistics of paddling trail trail-head in the Inner Harbour.

5) Kingston Population, Housing and Employment Study Report
This report should be available at the Citys webpage. When I tried to send it, my e-mail to you bounced. Results will have an impact on Inner Harbour Development.
The main gist of their report is that population will increase til 2031 until baby boomers have retired. Then there will be a slight decline.
Submit comments to Wendy Carmen, Senior Policy Planner at

From our perspective – as seniors become a greater percentage of the total population:
a) there will be fewer cars as many older seniors stop driving,
b) more older seniors will be using battery-run wheelchairs and e-bikes, and
c) more younger healthier seniors will be taking up walking and active transportation using safe back streets particularly.
(In addition, recent surveys show that young people are also not using cars as much as in years past.
Instead, they are choosing bikes, e-bikes, shared cars, walking, transit and occasional rented car options.)
Therefore, it seems essential that future infrastructure planning be focused on creating safer pedestrian, battery-run chair, e-bike, and cycling routes as well as more transit using access buses. Parks and safe routes connecting parks to one another and to the downtown should also become a priority. Dedicated transit routes should also be considered. Instead of bringing more cars and pollution to the downtown, transit, active transportation and car sharing should be encouraged with free cycling instruction offered to those who feel nervous about venturing on Kingston streets.
Do feel free to read the report, decide for yourself what is needed, and offer your own suggestions.

6) Following up on June events:
Ride with the Mayor, June 7: Over 30 people braved the drizzle to come out and ride from Belle Park to Market Square with the mayor for the free Roll-In Breakfast put on by Cycle Kingston as part of Cycle Week and the Commuter Challenge. Kudos to everyone who participated – including Mayor Mark Gerretsen!
Once again, Kingston came first in Canada in cities of its size. Yey!
Inner Harbour History Walking Tour, June 22: A most interesting morning spent with Laura Murray and Jamie Swift guiding people through the “Swamp Ward” and Inner Harbour, having a look at early twentieth century neighbourhoods and work places, telling stories from the past, talking about advocacy then and now and showing pictures of what the neighbourhood and shoreline looked like in the past to compare with what it looks like today. Delighted that over 120 people showed up!
Shoreline Shuffle, June 23: A huge success and great fun to boot. Organized by David McDonald and the Water Access Group, the event was meant to draw attention to the good as well as the bad and the need for an integrated waterfront plan. Over 400 attended to the best of our estimations. 15 amazing and different waterfront art installations. The walkers, cyclists, canoers and kayakers, artists and photographers, enjoyed a lovely day. The larger-the-life puppets added so much to the opening of Lake Ontario Park. And then – a few beers at “The Ports”!

Visit Jonathan Hutchinson’s great teaser video on YouTube

Also – go to for the PETITION. (NOTE: You don’t have to pay. Just X that page!)

7) Call for Volunteers
If you would like to help out organizing something festive on August 6 when the Rideau Canal Voyageur Canoe Brigade arrives in the Inner Harbour for the afternoon, do contact me at Especially fun if you might like to visit with your canoe or kayak. Opportunities to try out a Voyageur canoe! Celebration planning in process. Ideas appreciated!

See you in the park and on the trail.