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June 2014 Update!!!

Hi all Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,

First the issue and then the two fun things!

Exciting News Release re Saving the Bailey Broom Company!
Special Council Meeting Monday Night (June 30, 6 pm, Council Chambers) where Council will vote on delaying demolition.  
More info at Save Kingston`s Waterfront! Facebook page.
We know it’s a holiday and not everyone will be around, but if you are,PLEASE COME AND SHOW COUNCIL WE CARE!
You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t have to speak; We just need to show that lots of us want to be given sufficient time to consider possible futures for this unique heritage landmark building.

Preliminary Organizational Meeting Thursday evening (Tomorrow,Thurs.June 26 at Living Rooms, 12 Cataraqui St.) to discuss:
1) Business/tax revenue potential of this building.
2) Helping with renovation.  Willing volunteers and tradespeople to see what needs to be done and-or help with renovation.
3) Interested in being part of a coop to renovate or inhabit the building?
4) How do we engage more people in this cause?
To win the Monday night vote, we need to work smart, hard and fast –come and help if you can.
On Thursday evening BRING A BROOM!  (Preferably an old one you don’t need any more).  Don’t ask why!  We have a plan!
And, if you have not yet written to the mayor and Council and Commissioners and Gerard Hunt, the CEO please do so beforeMonday. It`s OK if the letter is short.
Briefing information is available on the Save Kingston’s Waterfront! Facebook page and on the Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour website – 
Sincerely, John and Michael Sinclair (of Living Rooms, 12 Cataraqui St.), Laura Murray and Mary Farrar,


DEADLINE FOR ON THE WALL, Kingston’s first street art festival!  THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 27!
Have you, your friends or your kids ever dreamed of having the chance to do something on this wall.  Apply NOW! THE WALL
The festival will run from Aug 18-24.
And if you would like to be involved in planning the OFF THE WALL activity day on Aug 23, get in touch. All ideas welcome!

Details have been finalized for Friday evening picnics in Doug Fluhrer Park (4-6 pm) ALL SUMMER LONG! Bring your own picnics and join in the fun (Healthy snacks and drinks also provided)  Family pick-up soccer followed by different fun activities each week thanks to support from the Boys and Girls Club, Queen’s Barefoot Players, Kingston Dragon Boats, Kingston Field Naturalists, Matt Ellerbeck, the KFPL and more.
For more information – Please share!  See you there! – First picnic, Friday, July 4th.

All exciting stuff!
See you soon.
Mary Farrar,
Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour