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Spring 2017 at the Inner Harbour

Turtle SIghtings, Spring 2017

June 17th

“I saw three (snappers, I think) laying in the dirt area along the art wall this morning, as well as evidence of two or three other nests that hadn’t been covered yet.  I also saw a big ol snapper headed up lower North St on the street.”

June 16th

snapping turtle rideau st june 16 2017

Snapping turtle seen on K&P Trail, Rideau Street, June 16th

June 15th

turtle sighted june 15 2017“Attached are photos for two nest sites that I covered this morning. The area is where grass seed (or whatever) is supposed to grow. The turtles, wisely, seem to favour it over the rock-hard parking lot. The two that I covered were fresh and still wet. One had a turtle on it earlier this morning (see photo). Many, many nests there, as you may already know.” 

“I was walking along the park path in Fluhrer Park tonight and I spotted about a dozen turtle heads sticking out the weeds floating near the shore. I believe they are musk turtles by the yellow line on their face and neck. I’ve never seen so many turtles in one place!” 

June 14th

turtle kp trail june 14“Turtle sighted at the beginning of the K&P trail heading away from the river towards the abandoned building on the left.”

“Our walking group spotted this lost looking turtle at the beginning of the K & P Trail this morning. We convinced a kind city employee to move it back towards the  water and away from the road where it was headed.”


june 14 2017

heron and turtles 2 june 2017

“Sometimes Mother nature provides ho-hum photographers with a gift. These two photos were taken in sequence this morning of the same log and same turtles (except for two who decided they had other things to do).

June 13th

“My husband saw a turtle (about 7×8″shell) digging a hole to lay eggs this morning on his walk with the dog.The turtle was seen right beside the sidewalk in the garden.   A few steps past the gates to the upper driveway to Lleuwarden.  (End of North St).”

June 10th

turtle laying eggs june 10“I spotted 2 turtles on land at Douglas Flyer Park June 10 th am. One appears to be laying eggs.  Both were near the graffiti wall. I pointed it out to event staff for up trail opening and they barricaded it off from visitors.” June 10th

 First Sighted 2017 Hatchling

The first turtle hatchling was seen on Friday April 7th, 2017

hatchling april 2017