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December 2014 Newsletter

Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,
December 18 at Memorial Hall, City Hall, 7 pm!
So sorry I can’t make it. It is opening night of A Christmas Carol at the Grand and I am in it.
Please come to this public meeting to listen and share your thoughts.
Details at the end below..

2) Here are two letters to the editor of the Whig. Letters like this really do make a difference. Please consider writing a letter yourself.  Even a couple of sentences.  We are earnestly concerned about Henk Doornekamp’s proposal to move the Outer Station into the middle of Doug Fluhrer Park.  Another location can be found.  Parks should not be targets for business expansion when other great alternatives exist.

– a terrific blog against the proposed extension.
There are SO many economic and social reasons why the extension is a bad idea for all Kingstonians.  The area is zoned residential as of the 1980s.  The 2006 plan to expand the sleepy local road into a major parkway totally flies in the face of the Official Plan.  35 million dollars for a road that is not needed according to paid Inner Harbour consultants!  All Kingston tax payers will suffer!

More info on Dec. 18 meeting —
City of Kingston News Release, Dec. 4, 2014
“Great Cataraqui River public session launches next phase of Waterfront Master Plan consultation.
Come out and discuss recreational uses on the waterfront of the Great Cataraqui River area and offer input on this area of the City of Kingston’s Waterfront Master Plan. This public session is one of several consultations to take place in upcoming months and is set for 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18 in Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St.
The Great Cataraqui River, Focus Area 1, public session will look at the waterfront stretching from the La Salle Causeway north to Kingston Mills Locks. Points of interest in the area include connections, pathways and trails, Douglas Fluhrer Park, Molly Brant Point, Emma Martin Park, Belle Park Fairways, the eastern wooded shoreline of the River and the Kingston Mills Locks area.
Participants will learn about existing conditions in the area, view conceptual plans and be asked to offer suggestions on features, improvements and access improvements to the waterfront.
If you have ideas on the Waterfront Master Plan, particularly relating to the Great Cataraqui River, please come out to the session.  We want to hear from you,” says Neal Unsworth, Manager, Parks Development.  He notes that an initial public consultation on this project was held in June 2014…
The consolidated Waterfront  Master Plan is expected to be ready for city-wide public review in June 2015.”
Have a great holiday,
Mary Farrar, President,
Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour