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February Newsletter 2020

FKIH Early Feb 2020
Dear Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,
Broken wrist healing gradually. 
More comprehensive newsletter later in Feb.
In the meantime, this single item couldn’t wait as it is TONIGHT.
Via the grapevine we have heard that the development community is in the midst of a letter writing campaign to councillors in support of the new 12 story proposal for the Capitol theatre in Kingston’s downtown.

It is important that the other side also be heard!

WHAT: Open House where the new proposal will be available for public viewing and comment
WHERE: City Hall
WHEN: Tonight, Thursday, February 6 from 6-7.30 pm. 
Andrea Gummo Planner, City of Kingston –

City clerk, John Bolognone –, with the request that your note be considered official correspondence on the Capitol file and that it be forwarded to  mayor and council.
NOTES: Vision for Kingston’s reasons

  • IT Is twice as high as the Official Plan and zoning allow.
  • it towers over neighbouring buildings.
  • It is incompatible with the low-rise, human-scale character of downtown Kingston
  • It excludes affordable units and attempts to meet sustainable design goals.
  • It takes up staff time and resources when the city is currently asking the public to “Get Involved” by commenting on Density by Design proposals and where high rises should go in the city.
  • It comes three weeks before the developer’s appeal is to be heard at Divisional Court, wasting staff time and community resources.
  • It sets a precedent for downtown Kingston. Throwing the existing rules out the window means that anyone will be able to build anything anywhere in the area.

Curiously the mayor likes the “compromise”.  This is curious because at the city’s recent Climate summit (where the mayor also spoke) the keynote speaker said exactly the opposite. Jennifer Keesmaat’s, main message was that “compromise” too often leads to inappropriate development.

LEARN MORE? Jan 30 CKWS news segment:

Mary Farrar, President,
Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour