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January Update

Dear Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,
Two items only!
1) Great skating recently!
Thanks so much to Karen and Bill for the pic and to Dave Mody for this great kite-skating video –
Bill goes for a Rip!

2) URGENT MESSAGE from ONTARIO NATURE via sister organization TIARA aka-

The Ford government is planning massive eliminations of environmental protections.


Here is the rationale provided by TIARA:

“Stop Bill 66!  Remove Schedule 10!
Please join the public outcry against the Ontario Government’s proposed Bill 66, and in particular against its Schedule 10.  It’s a planning disaster on an unprecedented scale.
The Canadian Environmental Law Association’s scathing comments call Bill 66 “an unprecedented and unacceptable attack on legislative provisions which currently safeguard environmental quality and public health and safety throughout Ontario”.
Schedule 10 of the Bill in particular is a catastrophe and must be stopped.   It would allow municipalities to pass bylaws that need not be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, and need not conform with their Official Plan.
Township bylaws could be passed without any prior public notice, and without any public process — other than that Council must do the deed in open session.  What’s more, such bylaws cannot be appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (used to be the OMB).
So – zero transparency and zero public input for a process that allows development to totally sidestep any provincial or municipal regulations that currently protect our environment, our water quality and our world-famous natural beauty.  Our planning process will be shredded. 
This is extremely urgent!  The Bill has passed first reading.  The deadline for comments and protests against Bill 66 is Sunday, January 20 2019.  
The basic message: Remove Schedule 10 from Bill 66!
Please support the efforts of TIARA and many others by sending an email to all three of these addresses:
The Hon. Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ken Petersen, contact for Environmental Registry postings
Michael Helfinger, contact for Registry postings for Bill 66 as a whole:
Make sure to reference: Environmental Registry 013-4293, 013-4125 and 013-4239…

There’s more information in Ontario Nature’s blog “Bill 66: What you need to know”
Many thanks – we very much appreciate your support!
Happy New Year from all of us at TIARA!”