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June Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour,

1) On a personal note…..
2) Amazing Wheelchair Rally, Sun, June 10
3) Living Rooms Huge Yard Sale, Sat, June 9
4) Turtles + great Whig piece and Station 14 video
5) Disturbing Turtle By-catch
6) Active Transportation Draft Plan to EITP, Mon, June 11
7) Great Canadian Giving Challenge!
8) Much Improved Video of K&P Trail, Urban Portion + Hiking the Rideau Trail
9) Facing the Street Exhibit
10) Calliope Collective’s Solstice Event, Wed, June 20
11) Sydenham St. Block Party, Sat, June 23
12) Very Important Open House events for North King’s Town, June 26
13) Central Kingston Growth Strategy Community Walks, June 13, 14, 16, 18,28
14) Protect our Waterfront community meeting, June 28
15) Link to Karen Lahey’s fun video of music and dance at Calvary Church last month.
1) On a personal note…
A couple of things:
a) First, as some of you may know, I have become an advocate for green burials because cremation is not environmentally friendly.  Andre Meyer from recently did a feature on green burials.  I am so personally grateful to him for this wonderfully sensitive coverage. This whole issue needs to be publicized more.
b) Second, I was accosted in the park yesterday by a young woman who threw water at me and screamed and was extremely angry because she said that at Council I had said that I spoke for the turtles and had no right to do so -presumably because I am not Indigenous. I feel the need clarify. 
In my opinion, no human can speak on behalf of turtles.  We are not turtles.  We don’t speak their language.  What I most probably said was that I was acting as an advocate for turtles to help save their habitat from destruction.  I have a profound respect for turtles.  I believe they are showing us the way. We are so vain about how wonderful and capable we are.  But Nature does a better job of healing itself than we can.  Indicator species like the frogs are finally, amazingly, making a comeback in the Tannery property. And, as Nature heals itself, increasing numbers of species are beginning to thrive – including turtles.  That being said, I do believe turtles can use our help.  We can, and should, advocate for their habitat in the face of proposed developments that would destroy it.  Humans in increasing numbers are definitely problematic for habitat, whether they be homeless or condo dwellers.  When development happens, it should be done in a manner that respects those in need of housing as well as the needs of wildlife – especially species at risk.
2) Amazing Wheelchair Rally event, Sun, June 10
This will be just so much fun!  Great weather forecast.
Event includes Iranian Wheelchair Dancers!  Inclusive!  Open to everyone!
Odd Fellows are providing a couple of wheelchairs for those interested in seeing what it’s like.
2 pm: Wheelchair decoration
2:20: Brief speeches from dignitaries
2:30: Short performance by Wheelchair Dancers followed by lesson for everyone interested.
2:45:  Head out on the accessible K&P Trail up to Quattrocchi’s and back – or as far as desired.
Light refreshments thanks to Bread and Butter Bakery and Quattrocchi’s!  Fabulous!
And – the turtles are actually laying right now.  You might actually see a turtle laying eggs.
3) Living Rooms Huge Yard Sale, Sat June 9
What:  Sale – 30% – 50% off selected stock to clear! They need to make more room as the demand for linseed oil products and other natural and historic materials grows.
When: Sat, June 9, 10 am to 5 pm.
Where: 12 Cataraqui St. Kingston
4) Turtles: great piece in Whig and great Station 14 video
We have hired two wonderful people, Kenny Ruelland of reptileand and Katie Walker, Queen’s student, to help us with coordinating volunteers, organizing Turtle Awareness Days and Turtle Identification Workshops thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation.  We are also most grateful to Trailhead for a grant to inform paddlers and stand-up boarders about the turtles of the Inner Harbour.  And we received a grant from the World Wildlife Fund Canada to stage 4 events.  So far, we have organized 9 events and are reaching close to 1000 people!  Fabulous!
Here is a Whig feature on the WWF Grant.  Thanks SO much Meghan Balogh!
Here is the link to the great Station 14 video of one of our Turtle Awareness Days:
Finally,  we are in the process of thinking about details for future grants to use gps tagging.  More anon…..
5) Disturbing Turtle By-catch
Several community members have sent pictures and accounts of disturbing turtle by-catch presumably from the nets in the water where John Counter Blvd. meets the Great Cataraqui River.  One very large pregnant Snapper and several painted turtles, some also pregnant, just thrown out and left to rot along the shoreline – along with many unwanted fish.  Last year in this location a dead snapping turtle was found caught in a net.  She had laid her eggs in the net before she drowned.  Rumour has it that the fishermen are Indigenous.  No idea if this is true or false.  If it is true, different laws apply.  If anyone knows anything about any of this we would really appreciate hearing from you.  There is a long history of fishing and trapping in the Inner Harbour.  We would like to find a win-win solution.  We are honestly trying to determine the best way forward.  Thoughts?
6) Active Transportation Draft to EITP, Mon, June 11
What:  The draft is to be presented to the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policy Committee. A lot of work has gone into creating this plan for Active Transportation.  As many of you know, we have been trying to advocate for inclusion of an overpass for pedestrians and cyclists east of the current car overpass where Division St. crosses over the railway at the intersection of John Counter and Division.  We are hopeful that our proposed overpass will be included in the first five year plan to ensue after Council’s acceptance of this proposed Active Transportation Master Plan.  There is a similar overpass in Calgary that cost 6 million.  If the city can spend 60 million on the Third Crossing, it should be comfortable spending 6 million on this needed pedestrian and cycling over pass that would connect residents of Rideau Heights with Kingscourt safely.  It is important for high school students to have safe passage to school and for Kingscourt residents to have safe access to the new library and community centre in Rideau Heights.  In addition, our proposed overpass would make the whole of the new KP Trail accessible.  The current Division St. overpass is not accessible.  This problem effectively cuts the trail into two disconnected segments for wheelchair users.
When: Monday, June 11, 6 pm
Where: Council Chambers, City Hall, Kingston
7) Great Canadian Giving Challenge!
Every dollar donated in June through Canada Helps is a chance to win $10,000 for the charity of your choice! This June, please consider joining the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and giving whatever you can to the Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour and/or a charity of your choice.  Every bit helps!

8) Much Improved Video of K&P Trail, Urban Portion and fun video of hiking on the Rideau Trail
And here is the video of the three day ultralight hike on the Rideau Trail.
9) Facing the Street, an exhibit made from family photographs generously shared, is available for you to explore until June 30. Outdoors, 20 photographs are mounted at the locations they were taken. Indoors at the Elm Café (303 Montreal Street), 24 more are captioned with information gleaned from oral history interviews and the archives, so you can learn a little more about the people you see. The point of the exhibit, curated by Chris Miner and Laura Murray, is to bring close to us people we probably never knew, and to make us aware of how we share this space with others who have lived, now live, or will live here. There are fun photos and poignant photos; accessible photos and mysterious photos. We are very grateful that participants in the project are sharing them with all of us. Laura and Chris also thank the City of Kingston Heritage Fund, the Elm Café, Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour, and the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. 
Feel free to wander about and encounter the images they have collected. If you take photos of or with them, or have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the at More information will be forthcoming over the duration of the exhibit via facebook, twitter, instagram, and their website.. You can also pick up a brochure about the exhibit at the Elm Café while supplies last.
Associated Events:
1. June 10, 1-3, at the Elm Café, a gathering to celebrate the exhibit, the people it depicts, the people who shared photos, and all those who contributed. It may be a bit crowded, but it will be fun! All welcome. 
2. June 20, 5:30-7:30, a collaboration with foldA, the (first ever) Festival of Live Digital Arts, to offer an experiential exploration of the exhibit. Bring your cell and be ready to walk about listening and looking, with a discussion and snacks afterwards.
3. June 26, 3-4:30, in Memorial Hall of City Hall, Chris Miner and Laura Murray, Curators of the show, will give an illustrated presentation on how they developed it, and what it means to them. All welcome!
10) Calliope Collective and Skeleton Park Arts Fest’s Solstice Event,
What: You are invited once again engage with Community, and to enjoy spectacle and surprise as the wheel turns for the Longest Day of the Year — Join them for Midsummer’s Eve on Wednesday, June 20th and the first quarter of the Strawberry / Honey Moon! 
Puppets, faeries and more will transport you to a world of enchantment as they create safe and sacred space for earth-based traditions. We will witness the Holly and Oak Kings compete once again for the praise of the goddess and honour Mother Earth through a theatrical community-based performance.
When: June 20, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Where: Douglas R. Fluhrer Park (north end of Wellington St.)
11) Sydenham St. Block Party, Sat, June 23, 8 pm

12) Very Important Open House events for North King’s Town Secondary Plan, Tues, June 26
What: Looking at the following 3 North King’s Town studies: 
Land use – A revised land use plan;
Cultural heritage – Draft heritage character areas;
Transportation – Problem/opportunity statement, refined evaluation criteria, and a draft inventory of possible approaches/network improvements to address the problem/opportunity.
Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 560, 734 Montreal St.
When: Tues, June 26 
Session 1, 2:00-4:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m. open house, 2:30 p.m. presentation, 3:00 p.m. workshop 
Session 2, 6:00-8:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m. open house,6:30 p.m. presentation,7:00 p.m. workshop
In addition, a booth on Sat, June 23 in McBurney Park anytime between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. as part of the Skeleton Park Arts Festival.
NOTE:  It is important to come and state how you feel – particularly with regard to potential alternatives to the Wellington St. Extension!


13) Central Kingston Growth Strategy Community Walks, June 13,14,16,18,28
The Planning Division is launching a series of Neighbourhood Walks between June 13 and 18 and an Urban Design Workshop and Charrette on June 28 as part of the Central Kingston Growth Strategy.
The purpose of the Neighbourhood Walks is for residents to identify features which most strongly represent the unique character within the different neighbourhoods in the study area. Four facilitated Neighbourhood Walks have been scheduled as follows: 
Walk Number 1 – Fairways Hills and Portsmouth: Wednesday, June 13, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Register for this walk at
Walk Number 2 – Williamsville and Kingscourt: Thursday, June 14, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Register for this walk at         
Walk Number 3 – Sunnyside and Alwington: Saturday, June 16, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Register for this walk at
Walk Number 4 – Queen’s and Sydenham: Monday, June 18, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Register for this walk at
Route maps indicating the meeting point for each of the facilitated Neighbourhood Walks are attached. Alternatively, residents can complete self-guided walks using the route maps and feedback forms available on the project website at
Urban Design Workshop and Charrette
What: To confirm which aspects of the neighbourhood character should be preserved/enhanced and how these elements could be applied to new infill opportunities. A presentation will be given at the beginning of the event highlighting lessons learned from the Neighbourhood Walks.
When: Thurs, June 28: 6 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St
More info?
14) Protect our Waterfront Strategy Meeting, June 28
What: Community organizational meeting concerning Jay Patry’s proposed 20-storey high-rise apartment building, plus lower parking garage, on the highly contaminated Lower Union pier – beside the much-missed Marine Museum.  Brief speeches by Peter Stroud, Sydenham District Councillor, John Grenville of the Coalition of Kingston Communities, and Alan Gummo, retired municipal planner, followed by discussion.  Organizers state that interest is mainly in hearing community concerns and ideas. 
When:   Thurs, June 28, 7-9 pm
Where: The Spire, Sydenham Street United Church. 
More info? Protect Our Waterfront Facebook page.
15) Link to Karen Lahey’s fun video of community music and dancing at Calvary Church event.
So that’s it for this month.
Trust you are all out and about and enjoying the shoreline.
Mary Farrar, President,
Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour